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Greek Spirits

Greece is home to several unique spirits such as Tsipouro, Tsikoudia and Mastiha, with Ouzo being the primary spirit produced in Greece. Ouzo is an anise flavored liqueur, typically served with mezedes or "Greek Appetizers" such as crisp phyllo stuffed with cheese, roasted almonds, or small mint and anise flavored lamb meatballs.

Haraki Cretan Tsikoudia

This very popular Greek Grapa from the Patsakis Distillery is smooth and bursting with sweet flavors and aromas reminiscent of the grapes used for distillation. More >

Idoniko Tsipouro

The fruity characteristic of the carefully selected grape varieties, over a background of orange tree blossoms, possibly make the Idoniko Tsipouro the most genuine grappa. More >

Idoniko Tsipouro Anise

An anise flavored Greek liquor that has the authentic taste of tradition because it is distilled with a selected aromatic plant of the Greek country-side: the Macedonian anise that for centuries has been sweetening and touching the hearts of Greeks. More >

Methexis Eau de Vie Muscat

This eau de vie is distilled slowly and patiently from Muscat grapes to preserve the essential aromas of the Muscat grape: hints of roses, lemons and orange-tree blossoms. More >

Ouzo Plomari

Ouzo Plomari by Isidoros Arvanitis is the most popular Ouzo in Greece because it is smooth and bursting with flavors and aromas of anise, herbs and sweet spice. More >