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Ktima Voyatzi Winery

Thirty three km south-east of Kozani, on the foothills of Pieria Mountains, by the Lake Polyfytos, lays Velvento, a picturesque town in Western Macedonia. As in the whole of Macedonia, viticulture is a deep-rooted practice with a long tradition. In the last century, vine growing was one of the main local farming occupations, the vineyards covering an area of approximately 260 hectares. A modern 3-hectare vineyard was created by the lake, located in an old vine of the Voyatzi's family. Designed to produce high-quality wines of a distinctive character, it was planted with local and other varieties during 1991-1994.

Covering an area of around 8.7 hectares, it is located near the lake at 380 m. altitude. The slope is very mild, and there are three groups of soil: clay sand, argillaceous clay and argillaceous limestone. The climate is continental but largely influenced by the adjacent lake, specifically by the regular annual winds which provide a cooling effect for the vineyard in the summer. The winds help keep the occurance of diseases to a minimum. This makes it possible to adhere to the guidelines of organic viticulture with great success. Planting is dense (4500 vines per hectare), using 41B and 1103P rootstocks. The varietal composition mainly consists of ten varieties - five white and five red ones - alongside an experimental section of numerous indigenous grapes.

All vines are organically grown and are awaiting for the official seal of ΔΗΩ.


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