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Amalagos Wines

For more information about Amalogos Wines, please visit their website. More >

Domaine Costa Lazaridi Winery

Domaine Costa Lazaridi is the life's work of Costa Lazaridi. His winery in Adriani, Drama was founded in 1992 and named “Chateau Julia” in honor of his lovely wife. It is stunningly beautiful, and was designed by the local artist, Yianni Nanos, who also created the paintings that grace the Estate and the labels of its wines and spirits. More >

Estate Chrisohoou Winery

Estate Chrisohoou was founded in 1977 by Kimis Chrisohoou and his wife Betty with 10 hectares in the Strantza Naoussas region of Greece. Today, Estate Chrisohoou and its vineyards are perched on the southeastern slopes of Vermion, at an altitude of 250 meters (825 feet) above sea level, four kilometers from Naoussa -- "the city of wine and vineyards." In the Estate-owned vineyards are cultivated various white and red varieties, chief among them the renowned "XINOMAVRO NAOUSSA", that from 1971 has been recognized as a red VQPRD wine. More >

Greek Wine Cellars D. Kourtakis

The House of Kourtakis is a family wine-making business that dates back to 1895. It was founded by Vassilis Kourtakis (1865-1946), who was the first person in Greece to obtain a diploma in oenology. He established his wine-making activity at Markopoulo, thirty kilometers to the northeast of Athens in the heart of one of the most celebrated wine growing regions of Greece - Attica. Today, Markopoulo remains the headquarters of Greek Wine Cellars, D. Kourtakis SA. More >

Isidoros Arvanitis Distillery

1894 marks the beginning of the big quest of Isidoros Arvanitis, the persistent perfectionist from Plomari, who searches tirelessly to find the ideal materials in order to create the perfect recipe for Ouzo. After many journeys, he will finally find what he was searching for. The great recipe that will offer him the flavor of exactly what he was dreaming of: a flavor blended with tradition, a drink as clear as the waves of the Aegean. More >

Loel Winery and Distillery

LOEL LTD was founded in 1943 and it was the first winery in Cyprus that was organized in the form of public company having thousands of shareholders, who in their majority were viticulturists. In the initial stages of its operation, LOEL produced spirits and fortified wines as the only quality products that could be produced from the indigenous grape varieties of those times, as Mavro, Xynisteri and Muscat of Alexandria, from which a unique Cypriot wine was produced, famous abroad and known under the name "LOEL Muscat". More >

Ktima Voyatzi Winery

Thirty three km south-east of Kozani, on the foothills of Pieria Mountains, by the Lake Polyfytos, lays Velvento, a picturesque town in Western Macedonia. As in the whole of Macedonia, viticulture is a deep-rooted practice with a long tradition. In the last century, vine growing was one of the main local farming occupations, the vineyards covering an area of approximately 260 hectares. A modern 3-hectare vineyard was created by the lake, located in an old vine of the Voyatzi's family. Designed to produce high-quality wines of a distinctive character, it was planted with local and other varieties during 1991-1994. More >

Patsakis Distillery

The Patsakis family distillery is located in the village of Prinias where they grow the grape varieties Sultani, Tahta, Liatiko and Kotsifali. The family distillery select whole grapes which are then carefully fermented and distilled in the traditional way to produce Haraki Tsikoudia (In Crete it is referred as Tsikoudia, also known as Raki, Marc Brandy, grape spirit, or fire water).  More >

Stylianos Skandalis Winery

Stylianos Skandalis is the producer of Nama Byzantino one of the few wines recommended by the Greek Orthodox clergy to be used as a communion wine. More >

Olympic Brewery

Olympic Brewery S.A. is a purely Greek and fast evolving company that was set up in January 2010. More >

Psychis & Son Distillery

The Company "Psyche" is a traditional, family owned copmany, constantly developing, with an export character. Modern packaging capacity that can respond increasingly to the needs of a larger market greater than that of Greece. More >