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In ancient times, the island of Chios was so famous for it’ s wine that the Greek god of wine, Dionysus, gave his personal blessing to the island and it’s storied nectar. It is fabled that the wine god’s son, Oenopion, became the mythical king of Chios and taught the islanders the art of vine cultivation. According to the legend, Oenopion had five sons: Talon, Evanthis, Melas, Salagos and Athamas and, according to historians, these became the names of the 5 qualities of Chian wine.The land between Mount Pelinneon and Amani, in the Northwest part of the island, has a special microclimate that is optimum for winemaking. Since ancient times, this area was referred to as the land of Ariousia and is associated with one of the most famous wines in Greek history.

While at first the wine’s fame extended only to the island of Chios, very soon it became renowned all over Greece and beyond. The Chian ships transported it throughout the Mediterranean and it was served at the most exclusive and luxurious symposiums (ancient drinking parties) in the ancient Greek and Roman world.

Poet’s far and near sung the praises of the Ariousios wine and it was called “the nectar of the gods” by the likes of Homer and his contemporaries. Because of this, the term “Homer’s wine” was attributed to the Ariousios grapes and the wine’s fame lived for more than 1,500 years into the rise and fall of the Byzantines. In the Aegean and beyond, the name Ariousios rang in the ears of wine lovers just as Bordeaux has rung in the ears of connoisseurs for the last 150 years.

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